We are Doing a Major Overhaul!

This blog is being transferred to website format here. Please visit the new site. Thank you!

This website was started in December of 2007. In the intervening years, I’ve learned more about theology, and cemented my Reformed view of things. Unfortunately, this site was constructed over 3 years and the various proofs were constructed when I was struggling with inferior theology. Needless to say, what I said then may not be what I’d say now.

I also never finished my answers to the videos.

And, finally, this is a blog and the material herein is much better presented as a static website.

With those three facts in mind, I have decided to go back through this entire website, comments and all, and re-write and update everything. As I finish each essay, I will post it to a new website created just for that purpose:


The website is up and under construction. So, if you like this site, please point your browser at the above address. I have closed all comments for this site. Comments are available for proofs that have been completed at the new site.

Thank you for your patience through the transition process!