Proof #35: Notice Jesus’ Myopia

February 15, 2008 at 2:57 am 7 comments

Marshall Brain’s complaint is that Jesus could have ended a lot of problems that are problems now, 2000 years after He walked the earth, if He wanted to. The fact that He didn’t is somehow an argument against His deity, and therefore an argument against the existence of God. So let’s look at each problem that Brain cites.

I’ve answered slavery here. I’ve answered sexism here. The slavery of the Bible is not the vicious and cruel slave trade of the 1800s. As for sexism, the Bible (if used properly) can only elevate women, not denigrate them. These should not be issues.

Brain wonders why Jesus didn’t perform what he refers to as “real” miracles, such as ending all disease for good or teaching the people to rise above the primitive living conditions of the day.  He also thinks Jesus should teach responsible uses of a host of sciences that–Brain must not realize–they had in those days already. First of all, it is my understanding that the Romans had running water, vending machines, and other so-called “modern” devices. This society was not as primitive as Brain would have us believe.

As for the sciences he mentions, they definitely had metallurgy back then. They founded modern chemistry through alchemy. I’ve read that the ancient Greeks were the first to forward the theory of evolution. I don’t know what level of understanding that they would require of physics or what they would need to manufacture. The Greeks had a firmer understanding of mathematics than almost any culture before or since. As for engineering, many of the ancient Roman buildings and technologies still stand today, 2000 years later. I think that they had it under control.

As for the statement that Jesus could have deterred nuclear proliferation, I have no idea what Brain is trying to say. I’m also confused as to how Jesus would have done this. This statement is so utterly ridiculous, I think that it invalidates every argument on his site for its sheer stupidity.

In regard to solving poverty and sharing wealth, Jesus did teach that. Throughout the book of Acts, the early church lived in a communal style, sharing wealth and property with each other and the less fortunate. Jesus did, indeed, teach that we should share our wealth. This is the Christian concept of “stewardship:” of using what God has given us for the benefit of the entire world, not selfishly hoarding it for our own benefit. That is part of loving our neighbors.

The article that Brain links to on tithing is a perfect example of sharing wealth.  Tithing is sharing wealth with the church, God’s visible beacon on this earth.  Tithing supports missions, other essential church functions, and helps feed the poor and alleviate some of the suffering of the less fortunate.

Brain’s next statement is worth quoting. He says:

Most importantly, Jesus could have made his message so clear, and the proof of his godliness so obvious, that all six billion people on the planet would have aligned with him, rather than fragmenting into dozens of bizarre and often warring religions. By doing this, Jesus could have completely prevented the Crusades and 9/11, among many other things.

How is Jesus’ godliness not obvious? He rose from the dead–what more proof does Brain need? As for all six billion people on the planet aligning with Him, the Bible makes it clear that that is not going to happen. From my brief stint in sales, I have discovered that most people say “No” immediately when faced with a deal, no matter how good that deal happens to be. Even when the pot is sweetened, the answer is still “No,” usually more emphatic. So it is with eternal life and God’s grace–humanity still says no because they are enslaved to their sins and want no part of obedience to God. Incontrovertible evidence vindicating the Bible and Jesus’ deity will not change this fact.

As for the Crusades and 9/11, these are perversions of religion and as such are not evidence against anything. They are evidence that humanity gravely misunderstands the messages of Christ, because neither of these acts are loving your neighbor as yourself.

None of these arguments make it obvious that Jesus is an ordinary human being, since none of these arguments are against the Resurrection–the one thing that vindicates Jesus’ deity above everything else. The rest of these items just exemplify the problem of pain, which many people see as evidence against God. But these are problems we create and we can solve by living out Jesus’ teachings of loving our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus gave us the tools by which to do this, and God has left it up to us to use those tools in His name and for His glory.

Brain’s arguments only make it obvious that humans are not living up to God’s expectations. He has done nothing to prove God does not exist.

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  • 1. Luke  |  June 15, 2008 at 10:27 am

    How is Jesus’ godliness not obvious? He rose from the dead–what more proof does Brain need?
    —How about some irrefutable proof that Jesus DID rise from the Dead? Of all of the famous and credible historians of Jesus’ time, not ONE of them wrote about any resurrection. At best, just a few sources barely mention Jesus at all. The Gospels are dated at about 70-90 AD, which was plenty of time for myths and rumors to develop before being put to paper. And those gospels are far from even being remotely credible evidence. If there is no proof of God, then the idea of his “resurrected son” is not even a realistic possibility and is nothing more than a myth to begin with.

    Incontrovertible evidence vindicating the Bible and Jesus’ deity will not change this fact.
    —Willful ignorance at it’s best. There’s close to no evidence supporting the bible and it’s claims in the historical record or the archaeological record save for the few obscure writings that made it into the Bible. And then there’s the apocryphal texts that were obviously left out of the Bible for good reasons. Those reasons are usually to prevent contradictions and opposing themes. And NONE of the “evidence” is Incontrovertible. If obscure writings are evidence of the Bible’s truth, then the same can be said for all the writings of the other religions.

    Brain’s arguments only make it obvious that humans are not living up to God’s expectations. He has done nothing to prove God does not exist.
    –And your arguments have done nothing to prove God exists, or that any of the claims of Jesus being the son of God, his miracles, or that his resurrection really happened.

    –Honestly, all I see you do here is make excuses for people by saying they “pervert” God’s teachings. Which may be true in a way, but then ask yourself why the Bible’s messages are so easy to pervert?

  • 2. White  |  July 1, 2008 at 2:36 pm


    -Same to you.

    -Becos the devil won’t rest?

  • 3. Luke  |  July 9, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    White Says:

    –I have, and almost certainly WAY more than you have apparently.

    Same to you.
    –Again, if you’re going to try to refute any of my comments, please address at least some of the points I make instead of some vague remark.

    Becos the devil won’t rest?
    –The devil doesn’t pervert God’s teachings, man does. Is the devil imposing on our free will and thoughts, but not God?
    –And the Devil doesn’t exist. Please don’t get me started on the Devil. Every story needs a bad guy to place the blame on. I laugh my ass off at the fact that people think God allows some invisible shape-shifting evil dude to roam around here on earth and impose on free will by possessing people, messing with their thoughts, and somehow making people doubt God’s existence. There’s not one shred of evidence for God, let alone the Devil, lol. Most intelligent people I’ve debated with don’t even mention the Devil because they don’t resort to feeling the need to place the blame on anyone but themselves and other humans for their own behaviors. So please, leave the Devil out of this and take responsibility and thought into why PEOPLE do the things they do, and not the DEVIL making people do the things they do.

  • 4. Anti-Devil  |  July 10, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Luke u may be knowledgeable but u may not be right? am i right? ur right,ppl can blame others…but u do reaslise that sometimes u felt sad..and have unwanted thoughts..which werent your free will..So are u really right by saying we have only our selves to blame?i only think that ppl who deny the existence of god strongly..when god gave adequate evidence and faith should really blame themselves and the devil,btw don get me start on the topic of the devil…becuz i am anti devil christian..i know he exist and i also know god exist..

  • 5. Luke  |  July 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    but u do reaslise that sometimes u felt sad..and have unwanted thoughts..which werent your free will..
    –I can honestly say I have never had “unwanted” thoughts. How the hell can you even have “unwanted” thoughts? And if you do, you might want to seek professional help.
    –And what are you saying by “weren’t your free will?” Are you saying the devil is the one making you have “unwanted thoughts against your free will” by messing with your brain’s chemistry and making it send the electrical signals in a specific way to form specific thought patterns? Why is God letting the Devil interfere with our free will and free thinking, but God doesn’t do it himself? Why does God let the Devil have free will, and why Does God let the Devil have the power to mess with our free will and thinking?

    btw don get me start on the topic of the devil…becuz i am anti devil christian
    –As opposed to “pro-Devil Christians?” And we can get started on the Devil if you want. I’ll point out all the illogical aspects and arguments involving the Devil all day long. The above paragraph was just a taste of the nonsense that is, and surrounds the Devil.

  • 6. Anti-Devil  |  July 18, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    point me all u wan and when i defend u’ll take it as as scarecrow thinking when wat we said make sense?u only know hwo to dismiss logical thoughts…and btw is it so difficult to have faith?

  • 7. Anti-Devil  |  July 18, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    and btw devil doesnt impose on our free will..neither does god..WE were given free will..and wat the devil did is only screw ppl mind like just like urs and give u in the end when u sin..u will blame urself..and it is a vicious cycle..wat the devil wans is just to screw u up and wan u to join him in the place he is going to freaking dwell in

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